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05 March 2018 @ 02:58 am
And this too shall pass.

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04 August 2010 @ 01:49 am
Moved to http://tinyprint.tumblr.com

And most likely not coming back here anymore.

Comments on the other side will be enabled soon but if you need to find me, tweet me. 
21 July 2010 @ 12:08 am
 Sharing some photos from the previous roll of film which was developed. Just to add on, we've been developing so much film that I've already lost count. 

And sorry if you've seen these on my Facebook already, I tend to enjoy reposting random shit I like. :)

I tend to gravitate towards photographing things and places when it comes to film.

And on digital.

Whoring my shoes just a little. :)

And to end off, one of my favorites.

I'm pretty amazed at how succinct I've become. Photos>words. This is what Twitter does to you.
07 July 2010 @ 11:31 pm
Some shots from my first roll of film to share.


All shots taken on my Ikimono Flash Hari, unedited.

This film photo thing's getting real interesting. For once, I feel interested in photographing places and things instead of people. Perhaps that's the reality of my world - I'm no longer interested in people but fascinated by things and places, the constants. People? They bore me. Day in day out, it's always the same few types I see anyway. 
28 June 2010 @ 12:13 am
This weekend, I made some good discoveries and stumbled upon some old treasure troves.

Dim sum loving after waking up at 3PM on a nice Saturday afternoon.

How to roll and pop in a film.


My new purchase. Sad to say, the film that is used in such cameras are really, really rare. Can't find them in Singapore anymore. Guess I'll have to stick to my digital camera/his holga/Golden half. 

Only my second pair of shades after my aviators. Came with a gold plated side ribbon and super cheap at 5bucks, I couldn't resist.

Every weekend should be like this. Sleeping in late, driving around with your hand in mine, occasionally collapsing into random laughter and taking in the sights and sounds with not a worry in mind.

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20 June 2010 @ 02:36 pm
And so, I'm back to blogging once again. Fixed the layout so it looks nice (at least when I'm logged in). Sorry non-LJ friends, you'll have to bear with the layout being off centered due to the ads placement and all. Contemplated switching to wordpress but I can't seem to uproot myself there.

Thankfully, my decision on uprooting physically comes more easily. But that's a separate conversation for another day.

Recently, I've developed a slight obsession with cameras. Not the digital SLR types though. More like the old school pop a film and roll in type. While trawling the web, I got completely blown away and amazed by vintage cameras from the '70s and before.

I'm particular keen on the Instamatics and chanced upon these on Etsy.

A vintage Kodak Pony. If I remember correctly, this was from the '50s/'60s.

Another vintage Kodak Instamatic. 

And a real gorgeous red Imperial Flash from sometime around the '30s if I'm not wrong.

It's amazing how these cameras from the past are still around and pity I didn't come across them when I was in Melbourne. While the Holgas and the Lomos are more popular, I find myself more attracted to these vintage types. Perhaps it's the idea of buying a piece of history that appeals to me. And never mind that these cameras may not actually be fully functional, they can double up as really kitschy vintage furniture/deco pieces.

It's a pity we don't have this vintage culture thing going on in Singapore. Especially since I've developed this late (but not too late) love for acquiring and appreciating old things. Sadly, the only vintage beauty I own now is a Jane Shilton handbag. Hopefully, in the near future, I'll be lucky enough to find more real vintage goodies.
09 June 2010 @ 08:16 pm

Melbourne 2010.
Good times.

30 May 2010 @ 02:25 pm
Blogging from my new HP mini. The keyboard's a gem, super comfy for typing and the little netbook is so light and easy to carry around. Might be my best purchase of 2010 so far.

And so, here we are, on the second last day of May 2010. Can't believe time has flown by so quickly, yet again. It's annoying. I feel like I'm perpetually running this race to keep up with myself and the changes around me. But I guess that's the way life is.

Since the last time I wrote, some exciting things have happened.

1. Went on an amazing vacation to Melbourne and Sydney with two of the best people I could travel with. Took about 800 photos from this trip, will find some time to do a travelogue/photo post. I miss Melbourne and Sydney already. My preference is of course, Sydney, but Melbourne was amazing in a really nice, laid back kind of way too. Shopping wasn't fantastic but I scored some really good (and expensive) buys over there. Funny how I never saw the beauty of Australia before but it is definitely fitting itself somewhere in my long term plans.

2. Gotten a Blackberry. Not sure if I've blogged about this but I will not know what to do if I ever lose mine.

3. Gotten interested in photography again. Due in part to the boyfriend's random and very impulsive Holga purchase, both of us are now mad clicking and taking random shots now. We're still a little new to this whole thing but definitely excited for the first roll of film to be developed. Can't wait! Thing is, we're still having issues with loading the film. Now that he's gotten himself a Holga, I'm thinking of getting a film based camera too. But I can't decide what I should go for. Besides an instax mini, are there any other recommendations? :)

4. Reassessed my thoughts towards work and some folks. There will always be nasty people in life so I guess what needs to be done is for me to just see past them. I guess some people are just the way they are; their life sucks and they feel a need to do the same to others and make sure everyone else is miserable like them. Guess the way to cope with folks like that is to be unaffected. Difficult but I'm trying. After all, these people won't be a permanent fixture in my life.

:) That's about it for now. Will try to blog more and I'll definitely be back with the pics from Melb and Sydney. 

04 May 2010 @ 10:56 pm
Since work's started, my level of stress has risen exponentially. Pressure points come from the workplace, the family, friends, heck, even little things like the bus arriving late and a ruffled piece of paper makes me annoyed and stressed. I guess it's all part and parcel of life. Technically, that's the reason we all age and die anyway right? Without stress, I'm sure we'll all live longer.

So I think I came to my trigger point last week when I decided that ENOUGH! I wasn't going to let myself go down the stressed till I go crazy and kill myself route. So I decided to take time off, party, exercise (haha!) and of course veg out for a bit. Very naturally, since I love Google so much, I also searched for ways to destress. And the solutions that came up were I guess, helpful in a certain sense but I know for sure that they will not work for me.

Some of the results that came up were:
- Get organized.
- Surround yourself with supportive people and friends.
- Breathe.
Sit up straight.
- Meditate.
- Take deep breaths and count to ten. (Don't mind me, but how the fuck is counting to ten supposed to help when you've 1001 things on your to do list and time is going tick tocking away!?)

So I thought I'll just share the methods I use to destress. Very simple and also very enjoyable. Note that these methods only apply if your source of stress comes from a tangible person and not from your own incompetence, etc.

 1. Imagine said source of stress as a 5by5cm doll and in your mind, poke furiously at the doll while uttering a long string of curse and swear words. If decapitating the doll sounds enticing, go ahead and imagine that.

2. Identify a key point about the person which you can mock. Could be that the said person is severely fat and ugly, has a huge hairy mole in the center of his/her head, badly drawn red eyebrows or could just be a sad lonely, 50 year old spinster. Register this fact in your mind. And focus on it every time you feel your pressure point getting activated because said person is being mean to you. I have to say this really helps me because every so often, I find myself thinking: Ok, I'll just let it slide and let her continue being such an asshole. After all, at the end of the day, she's just a fat and ugly old woman. Instantly, my angst is transformed into sympathy, or pity, what have you. Yes, it's taking it personal but hey, there's no need to be nice to assholes right?

3. Shred paper. I cannot emphasize how therapeutic shredding paper is. I've yet to identify if it's the TSSSSTTT sound or the fact that the paper turns into little bits after the whole process which makes it therapeutic.

4. Sleep. I think this explains why I feel the need to sleep ALOT.

5. Imagine blending said source of stress into a mix similar to that ofpondscum.

6. BITCH. I think when people recommend "being in the company of supportive friends", what they really mean is for you to BITCH. Bitch to your heart's satisfaction, you know it definitely helps with stress relief.

Bearing in mind that the 5 points I mentioned above are some what psychotic and morbid, I have to add a disclaimer here that destressing methods vary from one individual to another. However, I must say that these are tried and tested because right now, I'm feeling really zen and really placid about everything. And yes, it's Tuesday but I am happy to know that it's THREE days to the weekend! :D
25 April 2010 @ 12:24 am

Starbucks Saturday//Heart Shaped Cookie//Island Creamery Mudpie//Gingham Wallet and Keys

This is my ideal photo frame. In my home, which I should hopefully acquire in the not so distant future, my walls will be decorated with frame after long black frames of pictures of the things I like and love. I started off thinking about what to blog about. And I thought of doing the life through my camera phone thing but it would be so dull, considering how the photos captures on my phone aren't exactly of a very high quality. Then, I thought of doing a photo collage and this idea of what I want my future home to look like suddenly popped into my head.

So with a little bit of editing and cross processing and photo editing, this is what I came  up with. Well, losers can't be choosers and since I don't have my walls and my own house/home, at least I can own this bit of cyberspace with a little digital something created out of 4 random snaps in my BB.

And hello, I am back for good. :)